Greycoat Real Estate Concerning the UK´s Real Estate Pricing

Greycoat shares  information on the UK´s current housing market trends. One Stockton-based estate and letting agency known as Property Sense could soon make waves in the real estate market with its ambitious plan to disrupt it.

The agency created a plan to onboard 5,000 properties to their managed services and capture a 70% market share of the new online sales instructions, as Greycoat states. Home sellers could soon list their properties on the market without the need to pay anything.

The process of buying and selling real estate in the UK has largely stayed the same for over 200 years. When you consider how much stress people feel when selling a home, it would make sense to refine the process. Alongside Greycoat real estate agency, Property Sense says that it prides itself on a transparent pricing structure.

You won’t see compromise or hidden costs. Everything was designed to maximize your returns. You may wonder how Property Sense makes money doing away with traditional real estate pricing structures. Instead of the common methods, Greycoat informs, Property Sense uses other revenue streams. Homeowners receive payment to sell their homes. Proper Sense handles all the technical details like the home’s sale, property management and lettings.

A product manager will come along to support you on this journey to make selling your home much easier as they guide you through the process. Greycoat Real Estate finds this an interesting new development in the real estate market. They’ve approached Property Sense to learn more about it and how it all works. The new system will let homeowners reap the greatest benefits when they go to sell their home and it’s a welcome development.