Don Manifold: A Leader in Corporate Finance and Advisory

 Don Manifold is a highly regarded figure in the world of
corporate finance and advisory. With a wealth of experience and expertise, he
has been instrumental in advising businesses across a range of industries.
Since 2006, Don Manifold has held se nior leadership positions in some of the
largest professional services firms globally, making him a sought-after name in
the field. 

Having advised businesses in diverse sectors such as
financial services, retail, informat ion technology, consumer goods,
manufacturing, and agriculture, Manifold has played a pivotal role in numerous
significant transactions. Notably, he was involved in the acquisitions of
Adelaide Bank and ABB Grain, as well as the sales of S. Kidman & Co and
Powerhealth. These high-profile deals are a testament to Manifold’s ability to
navigate complex transactions successfully. 

A native of Mount Gambier, South Australia, Manifold
graduated with honors from Flinders University with a Bachelor of Economics
(Accounting). He later pursued further education and obtained a master’s degree
in business administration from the prestigious A ustralian Graduate School of

Manifold’s career trajectory has taken him across various
cities, including Melbourne, Sydney, and London. He has advised on
international transactions in countries such as Croa tia, England, and Papua New
Guinea, further enriching his global perspective. 

In 2018, Manifold became the Joint Managing Director of
Equity & Advisory, a leading corporate advisory firm in South Australia. He
also founded his own company, Manifold  Advisory Partners, which focuses on
providing expert advice on business transactions and board advisory services. 

With his extensive experience and track record of success,
Manifold has been a v aluable asset to the boards of several companies. He has
provided strategic guidance on various business transactions, including
mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and capital raising. His expertise has
been sought after by clients looking for independent valuations and strategic

In conclusion, Don Manifold’s contributions to the world of
corporate finance and advisory have established him as a respected leader  in
the field. With his vast knowledge and experience, he continues to make a
significant impact on businesses across industries, driving their success and