You Need Brad Reifler to Diversify Any Portfolio

Brad Reifler is trying to solve the problem of economic inequality, as well as an imbalance of basic economic knowledge through his new investment program, Forefront Income Trust. Through this program, he will work for non-accredited investors, a policy rarely used in other trusts, to help the common man grow his money.

For a long time, Reifler approached only the one-percent, or the people who had an extra million dollars they were capably of investing. Now, however, he is looking out for the average American who commonly only have 6,000 saved in the bank.

Brad Reifler says the rest of the investment community thinks that the 99 percent are either not smart enough to invest or are two high risk for solid investment returns. However, Reifler believes that this is incorrect, damaging, and above all, insulting to the lower classes who have just as much to offer the investment community.

It’s easy to see why being an accredited investor is exclusively reserved for the one percent, as it either requires an individual to have a net worth of over $1 million, or an income of over $200 thousand. This accredidation process, that originally started to protect shareholders,has now developed into a system that allows exclusive rights to millionaires and the wealthiest in the nation.

With Brad Reifler, that all changes, as there will now be much more opportunity through his Forefront Investment group that will allow those who do not meet the requirements to invest.

Instead of millions of dollars, individuals are required to front a minimum of $2,500 dollars to invest. Although the investments are riskier, Forefront Income Trust creates structures to lower the risks that are normally associated with higher return strategies.

Reifler himself, however, admits that all investment involves risk, so there is no way to completely absolve yourself of that factor. However, Forefront has put together a skilled team that are highly respected in this particular area of investment that will ensure to minimize any losses and maximize all gains.

Overall, Brad Reifler says on his Twitter he is looking to change the investment game to welcome people of all income levels. Contact Brad through his official website.

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