Yawning A Lot Helps Morgan Freeman Maintain That Crazy Beautiful Deep Voice

He’s the owner of a handsome, very masculine, low-pitched voice, and he’s played the “voice” of God in movies before.


However, Oscar winner Morgan Freeman has had it up to his eyeballs in requests for recording voicemail messages. Nope, he doesn’t want to do that anymore, folks, so please lay off when you meet him.


The personable actor appeared on “Late Night” with Seth Myers recently and admitted he is so tired of making customized answerphone messages for fans. Check out the hilarious exchange here on YouTube.


Morgan Freeman doesn’t even have his own lovely voice recorded for his outgoing voicemail. He uses the one from the service tech who installed his phone system, and no, they don’t sound anything alike.


The only time you will catch the famous actor recording a voicemail message ever again is when he loses a big bet over something. Morgan Freeman had to record a message for Zach Braff who directs him and Michael Caine in a new movie, “Going in Style.” He lost a bet and had to give in.


Time.com even studied the amazing voice of Morgan Freeman and discovered why the world is in love with his powerful vocal chords.


That’s partly the reason, powerful. Studies show that deep-voiced men come across to listeners as someone who exhibits more competence, sincerity, wisdom and physical power. Those are attributes that matter when people consider role models or those who really know what they are doing in a situation.


For example, the actor with the iconic pipes is most often selected as the voice of people’s GPS navigation with Waze. It’s free, courtesy of Google. Morgan Freeman’s voice is not only entertaining, but he’s guiding you every step of the way.


The star admits that he does have an incredible voice and offers a little advice on strengthening your own vocal chords. Yawning is superb for lowering the voice, he claims. What it does is truly calm down your throat muscles and vocal chords. After that, the tone naturally drops.


So keep yawning a lot, gentlemen.


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