Windows XP Still Has 17-Percent Market Share

Everyone loves a classic. In the technology industry that thought process is usually reversed, because when the lifecycle of a product ends, consumers generally rush out to get the next great thing. Apparently, the newer is much better line of thinking comes to a dramatic and decisive end when people are talking about computers and operating systems. One particular piece of software that is a teenager still gets more use than the latest and greatest versions.

According to, Windows XP accounts for nearly 17-percent of all desktop computer users while Windows 8 has captured just 14.07-percent of that same market. The runaway winner of operating systems is Windows 7 with 58.04-percent of the market. Microsoft ended support for XP about one year ago, but the classic and reliable OS seems to be going strong, or at least stronger than the new products. Dr Jennifer Walden was shocked to see so many people haven’t upgraded just yet.

The data reflects the drop off in desktop sales primarily, but it also proves that there are a lot of people clinging to Windows XP. The amount of Windows 7 users is also a pretty big reflection of the resistance that Windows 8 received when it made an appearance into the market. The enhanced interface was not appreciated right away, and that fact led to users avoiding the newest version of software. In any event, Microsoft is hoping to reverse that trend with the release of Windows 10, but the impact of that version will not be adequately gauged for a year.

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