Last year, Stock market investors were a worried lot. The markets began positively but somewhere along the way everything changed. It was a market meltdown precipitated by the crash in oil prices that triggered it.The months of August through October were nothing to smile. It was at this time that legendary stock market investor James “Jim” Dondero went on a buying spree and bought a lot of stock. The buying spree was precipitated by a stock exchange that favored the wealthy.

James Dondero is a legendary man in the credit and bond market. Jim has he is commonly known, is a legendary investor from Texas. He is the CEO, founder, and president of Highlands Capital Management and NeXpoint Inc. Jim is also a chair of the board in numerous other organizations in Dallas area. He regularly appears in magazines advising people on the stock exchange a recommends the following Forbes article for you; visit http://www.forbes.com/sites/johntobey/2015/12/31/how-2015s-flat-stock-market-boosts-2016s-prospects/ for more information.

The article talks about the current stock market and its effect in 2016.It mentions that 2015 was a year of mixed results with a bear end but advises investors to be optimistic this year. The things were so bad that they can only get better.

Rating agencies and hedge funds like Moody’s and Gold man Sachs have said the fall in oil prices triggered the current crisis. The oil prices are expected to continue being low for the foreseeable future. But they say the market will adjust and recover from this new reality. The US economy has been a reliable performer, and the US dollar is currently riding high compared to other currencies.

Jim Dondero at Highlands has led one of the biggest market changes in the world. He introduced Collectivized Debt Obligations(CDOs) in the market in 1996.It is a product that ushered us into the world of financial products. Jim has also grown HCM from inception to having over $ 21 billion in assets under management. It is one of the most profitable Hedges funds in the world.

Dondero is an Accounting and Finance graduate from the University of Virginia. Jim is also a certified credit professional with three decades’ experience and Chartered Financial guru. Jim is also a certified accountant. He is a well know Hedge fund manager and business leader.

The current stock market climate is a good place to start for any budding investor. Invest now and start small.

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