White Shark Media Complaints – The One Thing Every Digital Marketing Agency Must Get Right


White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that was founded in 2011. Over the last 5 years they have quickly grown into one of the top agencies in the digital marketing industry.

While things are smooth sailing now, it wasn’t always that way. In the beginning, White Shark Media received quite a few reviews as customers were unhappy with certain aspects of the service.

One complaint they heard over and over again is how ineffective their communication with clients was.

This really hit home as it showed them just how much work they needed to do. Instead of being offended by complaints, White Shark Media chose to use those complaints as a way to move the company forward.

If you run a digital marketing agency of any kind, communication with clients is the one thing you absolutely must get right. If communication isn’t up to par, clients will slowly but surely start to take their business elsewhere.

At White Shark Media clients would constantly complain about not being able to easily get in touch with their contact person. This of course was frustrating and needed to be fixed immediately.

To deal with this issue White Shark Media implemented two new things:

1) Monthly Status Calls

To make it easier for clients to review their monthly results, White Shark Media now offers monthly status calls via GoToMeeting.

This will happen every month or when the client requests it.

Using the “share a screen” feature in GoToMeeting, the SEM strategist is able to share the screen with the client so they can go over the reports together.

This makes it easy for the client to see how well their campaign is performing. It also makes it easy for them to ask any questions they may have.

This one simple change has proven to be highly effective and has been praised by clients.

1) Direct Extensions

The second change made was to install new phone systems with direct extensions. Now, instead of having to go through a receptionist, clients can call their strategist directly.

As soon as a new client signs up they are immediately sent an email with all needed contact information. This one simple move has allowed for seamless communication between the client and the strategist.

Now that White Shark Media has their communication issues under control, the company has continued to grow year after year, gets good reviews and are now considered one of the top digital marketing agencies in the world.

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