Whisky Drinking Taylor Swift Surprises Fans in Nashville

In recent years, Taylor Swift has seemed to be much more Pop Diva than Country Songstress. Which made it even more surprising for Nashville music fans who were treated to an intimate performance by the crossover star earlier this week. Swift dropped by Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe during a set by songwriter Craig Wiseman, gracing the audience with a three-song set including an acoustic version of her pop hit “Shake it Off.” The rest of the set consisted of “Love Song” a hit from her Country days and “Better Man” a hit she penned for the band Little Big Town.
The unexpected visit, which is thought to have been filmed for an upcoming documentary celebrating the Bluebird Cafe, left fans wondering if Swift may be planning a return to her country roots. While this remains to be seen, the appearance did give Taylor time to reminisce with Wiseman about her early days playing at the Bluebird and the two musicians hanging out backstage at the CMT awards drinking whisky. She then gave the crowd a demonstration, taking a shot of Fireball before saying her goodbye. Videos of the performance and a run-down of the set can be seen here.
For fans hoping this will lead to a Taylor Swift cafe tour, I wouldn’t hold your breath. However, they can take comfort in knowing that after all the highly produced stadium shows, Taylor can still fit right in behind an acoustic guitar in a small venue in Nashville.

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