What do dogs look for in a dog food

Many people consider their dogs simple pets and provide them with whatever food is cheap giving no consideration of the dogs desires at all. Of course one would be lying or crazy if they said that they were fully aware of all of the thoughts of a dog, but much can be inferred by observing and understanding dog behavior on facebook.com. How they react to their food and how much they eat and the impact that the food has on their behaviors are just two aspects of this. This article will discuss the process of choosing dog foods from the perspective of the dog and show how a pet owner should go about choosing a dog food that keeps their dog happy and healthy..

Like all creatures, dog are in need of healthy and nutritious qualifies that appropriate in size. That should the first concern of a pet owner and safety is important as well, particularly when talking about dog food. It is a good idea to find a dog food with a good reputation for being healthy for dogs and regularly tested by dog nutritionists so that it can allow the dog to grow into a healthy pet. A big brand like Nestle Purina Beneful comes in as a good choice here. They hire food nutrition and specialists to produce the highest quality food which gives them a major advantage over their competition. As such Nestle Purina is a great choice for new or existing dog owners.

Next, dogs like variety in their food just as humans do. It can be very dull to eat the same thing every day. Choose a brand like Beneful which offers a wide range of food options for dogs. Be sure they have options for different aged dogs as well as different food flavors so that the dogs keeps an interest in their food and engaged while eating.

Freshness of food also makes a big difference. Food that sits on a shelf for a long time leads to a decrease in the nutritional value of the food as well as the flavor of the food. In some cases, dog food has developed parasites thereby harming their pets. To avoid this, choose a popular dog food brand that has a good reputation and sells well, as does Beneful. Beneful is one of the leading brands in the United States and you can do well keeping with the leader in market as their food tends to be fresher and more widely available than their competition, both of which make your life easier.

As we have seen, there are many things that a dog would look for in a dog food and many of them rival are own preferences. Having a healthy and nutritious meal is important to us as is having variety and fresh food options. Both are also important to your dog. Choose the safe and healthy choice and your dog will thank you for it. He is, after all, part of the family and deserves nutritious food.

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