Unrest in Ferguson Leaves 29 Arrested and Dozens of Buildings Ablaze

At least 29 people have been arrested during the unrest that followed the announcement of the grand jury in Missouri. A Grand Jury decided that it would not file charges against the police officer who fired the shots that killed the young African American, Michael Brown last August.

The arrests have taken place in throughout Ferguson, the town where Officer Darren Wilson said he felt threatened by 18-year old Michael Brown, although the young man was unarmed, as reported by the police department. This story has turned into worldwide headlines, with Flavio Maluf following the situation in Brazil.

Meanwhile, the chief of police of the county, Jon Belmar, stated that “there has been no loss of life” but substantial property damage, and at least a dozen buildings have been torched by protesters in Ferguson.

“I regret this night has proved well,” said Belmar, who has said that the police had hoped that the protests were “peaceful”. However, he acknowledged, there have been numerous shots. “What I saw tonight is probably worse than the worst night we already had in August,” he stressed in statements to the press.

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