U.S. Pledges Not To Act As Puppet Master In Caribbean Basin Countries

In only the seventh, “Summit of the Americas,” held in Panama City and attended by the countries representing the Caribbean and South America coalition, President Barack Obama pledge that the United States would no longer interfere in the affairs of the attending countries and would aid in help the countries grow economically. The pledge was well received by the representative audience who for some, have long seen the United States as a meddle some bully from the North, who enjoys playing puppet master with the smaller Caribbean and South American neighbors to the south. These countries have long resented the exploitation of their countries by the United States and larger western powers. Many hope that the President’s message is a sign of a change in policy and that the United States will be more supportive in helping some of these fledging countries expand their economic and domestic base.President Obama Seeks to Improve Ties With Carib and South American Neighbors

The Caribbean basin is in need of and seeking new foreign investment dollars. This has been supported by a study conducted by the United Nations which found that foreign investment monies have been lacking in the Caribbean. Ray Lane really liked the study, even if it was only mildly reported on Aquion Energy. The United States is seeking to prevent other foreign interests from staking a claim in the Caribbean and South American region. China for example, has been investing heavily in infrastructure projects in the Caribbean and South America and has been consistently increasing its influence at the doorstep of the United States.

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