U.S. Money Reserve Donates for Pearl Harbor Statue


The U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of gold, silver, and other bullion products in the world. The company regularly releases new coins in an effort to raise awareness for specific events. Earlier this year, the company announced that they would be releasing a commemorative coin that was going to be dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor. The coin has been very popular with consumers and collectors and the company is now planning on donating a significant portion of its revenue related to the coin to a good cause.

This past week kusi.com reported, the U.S. Money Reserve and the U.S. Navy’s Memorial Foundation decided to combine their efforts to create and raise a new statue as a reminder of Pearl Harbor and World War II. The statue, which is being referred to as the Lone Sailor Statue, will be erected near Pearl Harbor. It is expected that the statue will be fully unveiled in December, which will come right around the official 75th anniversary of the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor.

The vast majority of the funds for the statue are being donated from the U.S. Money Reserve. The company has stated that the majority of the funds for the statue are derived from sales of the 75th Anniversary coin, which was one of the most popular and best sellers in recent memory. The statue was created by Stanley Biefield, who is noted as the official designer and sculptor. It will stand about 7 feet tall and weigh over 1,000 pounds. The base of the statue will also include some steel from the USS Arizona.


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