Two Day Workweek Now In Effect For Government Employees

The oil rich country of Venezuela is facing a brutal economic shock. The country’s government headed by president Nicholas Maduro has created a two day workweek for its government employees. That is right. Imagine working for only two days a week. “What do the employees do in their now five day weekend you must imagine?” asks Danilo Diaz Granados.
The two day workweek has been expanded from a previous four day workweek, where employees where given an additional off day that included Friday. School days have also been shortened, with the government now canceling school on Fridays. According to, the four day workweek began in April, and the two day workweek for state employees began in late April, as the economy and energy crisis in Venezuela rapidly deteriorates.

The socialist government in control said the two day workweek will remain in effect until May 27. Opposition groups to the leading socialist party have said that the government is largely to blame for the failure of Venezuela’s economy and dire energy situation. It is because of a corrupt government that has failed to invest in alternative energy sources they claim.

Energy is being rationed in Venezuela. The country’s largest dam is nearly empty and cannot produce the energy that supplies almost two thirds of the country with power. I have to say that the opposition is correct. You cannot rely solely on a single source of energy. What if a drought happens, as is this case right now? The drought and lack of energy is crippling the country right now.


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