Trump Tape Provides Material for Late Night Hosts

There can be no question that Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy has been a gold mine for all of the late night talk show hosts. Trump’s wild statements have constantly provided these comedians with an endless source of material. Rarely a day goes by when the late night talk shows do not make a reference to Trump or play a clip of him making a speech. This has proven to be very good for ratings. All of the late night shows also post all of their clips online. The videos containing jokes making fun of Trump always get very large numbers of views.


The biggest bombshell of the Trump campaign came when a video of Trump taken in 2005 showed him making controversial statements about women. Needless to say, this was a dream come true for the late night hosts and all of their writers. They wasted no time writing jokes that ripped Trump for the comments that he made. Most of the shows spent the entire week using the Trump tape as a source for countless bits and monologue jokes.


The beating that Trump has taken at the hands of the late night hosts has led Trump to proclaim that these jokes are all part of a scheme by the media to fix the election. It does not appear that jokes about the 2005 Trump tape are going to be stopping any time soon. The late night shows know a good thing when they see it. The Trump video is a gift that keeps on giving to late night hosts.



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