Trump Election Provides Material for Late Night Hosts

It is certainly no secret that American presidential elections are brought up frequently in the monologues of late night talk show hosts. However, the surprising election of Donald Trump has make life a lot easier for all of the hosts of the late night shows to come up with funny material. It helps that all of these hosts were against Trump being elected. Therefore, that have absolutely no qualms about going after Trump with some rather vicious jokes. Conan O’Brien questioned whether free and open elections were a good thing in light of Trump’s election. It was interesting because it did not seem like Conan was really joking.

There is no question that the late night host who took Trumps election the hardest was Stephen Colbert. He did three live shows the week of the election. He also did a special live broadcast on the night of the election. He seemed genuinely distraught as the results of the election slowly came in from around the country. Viewers could easily see it was hard for him to continue with all of the prearranged comedy bits because he clearly thought Clinton was going to win.

Seth Myers turned his first post-election monologue into a direct plea to the future president. He basically said that Trump made many promises during his campaign and he better follow through on them because all of us will be watching him closely. There can be no doubt that a Trump presidency will have the writers of the late night shows working overtime.

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