Trump Calls for Bee to Fired

The drama surrounding late show talk host Samantha Bee intensified on Friday when United State President Donald Trump asked why she had not been fired for her derogatory comment earlier this week about his daughter, Ivanka Trump.


In Friday’s tweet, Trump called for the firing of Bee, saying that it was a double standard for ABC to cancel Roseanne’s Bar hit show on the heels of her racist tweets, yet, Bee is still allowed to keep her show, “Full Frontal”, despite her televised remarks to Ivanka.


Bee apologized Thursday for her comment made on her TBS show, admitting that she crossed the line. She had used her show to criticize Ivanka for not doing enough to prevent the separation of undocumented children from their parents as they crossed the border into the US. Not only is Ivanka Trump’s daughter and arguably his most trusted confidante, but she also has an official role in the administration as a White House Senior Adviser.


Trump was criticized by many in the media earlier this week for his silence on the Barr matter. Despite being a vocal supporter of Barr’s show when it first premiered earlier this year, Trump chose not to respond to her racist comments that led to the cancellation of her show. Instead, Trump used the opportunity to call out Disney CEO Bob Iger for all the biased comments made about him on the ABC family of networks.

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