Trudeau Responds to Perry’s Kimmel Interview

Late Night television is normally reserved for light-hearted banter between a comedian and their guests. In most cases, guests on the show are actors or musicians that are promoting upcoming shows or events. While commentary on these shows is normally light-hearted, one recent late night show has attracted the interest of a prominent international politician (


During a recent interview on the Jimmy Kimmel show, actor Matthew Perry was questioned about his life and childhood. During the interview Perry stated that he know Justin Trudeau as a child. At the time, Trudeau’s father was the Prime Minister of Canada and Perry’s mother worked for him. Perry went on to state that when he was a child, he and a friend were jealous of Trudeau and beat him up because of it. They stated that the jealousy came from the fact that Trudeau was better at a sport than they were.


Since then, Justin Trudeau has climbed the ranks of the Canadian political system. He has also become the Prime Minister of Canada, following in his father’s footsteps. Not surprisingly, the story told by Perry went viral and was reported to Trudeau. While most people thought that the story was a joke or fabricated, Trudeau has confirmed the events. What surprised people even more is that Trudeau has stated that he would like to have the opportunity to fight Perry again.


Trudeau stated in a Tweet that he has thought about the interview a lot over the past few weeks and would now like to have a rematch against Perry. He further stated that he is likely not the only person that would want to hit Chandler. This was a reference to Matthew Perry’s most popular role as Chandler Bing on Friends. At this point it is not fully known whether this tweet was a joke, or if he would like to actually pursue another fight. Furthermore, it was pointed out that the tweet made by the Prime Minister was done on April 1. Therefore, there is a good chance that it was done as a joke to respond to the interview.


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