Trevor Noah Not Happy About Trump’s Sexual Assault Accusations

The new host of The Daily Show is disgusted by Trump in general, and now he’s even more disgusted. The new disdain for Trump comes amid allegations of sexual assault. Trump has been accused by several women of groping and kissing without consent. The allegations go all the way back to the 80s.


Noah talked about Trump’s sexual assault allegations on the most recent edition of The Daily Show. He said that in this way, Trump is actually worse than Bill Cosby. Furthermore, Noah went on to say that he was even more upset about the deniers.


Many individuals close to and around Trump are denying that the assaults even took place. Of course, Trump denies the allegations himself and says that they are entirely fictional. One woman came forward, and she is now in her 70s. She said that she was a reporter on an airplane in first class in the 80s and that on the flight, she sat next to Trump. At first, they were having a nice chat over the inflight dinner, but after the dishes were cleared, she said that Trump reached over and groped her and tried to touch her chest and kiss her.


Trevor Noah is the new host of The Daily Show, and he’s doing well in this role so far. Noah was born and grew up in South Africa, and he made his way to The Daily Show as a comedian and radio host. He has also acted in some films and TV shows.

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