Trading Work For Sleep

As we become more and more involved in our careers, and tnhe neverneding desire to live like a Trump, it seems that we are giving up one important aspect of our lives, which can negatively affect our health. More and more people are decreasing the hours that they are sleeping and opting to work more and socialize online.

Lee G. Lovett’s busy schedule at work leaves little time for socialzing and as such, it seems we are content with sleeping less to work or socialize with friends online or in person. It is recommended that we get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleeo each night, but in a recent study, over an alarming 30% of American people, or about 40 million employees studied are getting 6 hours or less each night. Other offenders on the list are commuting, personal maintanence and watching television at night. It may be time to rethrink the lack of sleep we are currently getting since the risk of accidents increases dramatically due to being tired. Additionally, lack of proper sleep can adversely affect out health with serious problems such as hypertension, obesity, as well as affect our cognitive thinking, which means less productivity in the workplace.

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