Tony Petrello’s Great Journey

In 2015, Tony Petrello found himself in the list of one of the most highly compensated American CEOs in the history of America. The success that he has so far gained is mainly attributed to creative thinking, hard work and natural gifts. In his lifetime, Tony Petrello has not wavered when it comes down to working to better the lives of children faced with neurological complications as well as giving back to the community.

Tony Petrello hails from a part of New Jersey known as Newark. He was a mathematics whiz while in high school which in turn saw him become somewhat of a celebrity in his town. Serge Lang, a great professor, author and mathematician, later became Tony’s mentor upon Tony attaining a scholarship from Yale University. While attending to his studies at the University, where he got recognized for his humor and personality, he managed acquire his Bachelor’s Degree and where he later on went on to acquire his Master’s Degree. After achieving these accolades, he opted to attend Harvard Law School which astonished everyone as they all expected him to be a mathematician.

He went on to join a huge American based law firm called Baker and McKenzie in the 1979. When Tony Petrello was there, he focused on business law’s fields of arbitration as well as taxation. Later on, his role at the firm became more involving when he became the New York division’s managing partner in the year 1986. His time at the firm saw him cross paths with Nabors Industries who were the firm’s clients. The company is the world’s grandest driller of natural gas and oil. Thanks to his great analysis skills, Nabors started pushing to hire him and it eventually worked. This offer he took up to work for Nabors Industries saw him relocate to Texas till currently.

He set off his career journey at Nabors Industries as the Chief Operating Officer in the year 1991. Within that year’s duration, Tony Petrello found himself as part of the Executive Committee and also as part of the Board of Directors. He later on went on to become the President in 1992. Tony Petrello’s successes were not only his as the company gained from them as well, like when he led the acquisition of Grace Drilling in 1993 which cost them 32 million dollars. Tony went on to become the CEO of Nabors Industries in 2011 and a year later became both Chair of the Executive Committee and the board.

Tony Petrello welcomed his daughter to the world in the late 1990s. She was born with Cerebral Palsy which saw him go down the journey of aiding children that are faced with conditions concerning neurology. He has donated 7 million dollars to Texas Children’s Hospital when he became the Board of Trustees’ Chair.

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