Tom Hanks Swaps Stories with Colbert on The Late Show

Actor Tom Hanks made a guest appearance on April 28th’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The 60 year old was on the show to promote his new movie The Circle, but also shared some interesting stories about what he’s been up to recently.


As was leaked in the celebrity gossip circles last week, Hanks was part of a luxury yacht vacation trip with other celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Bruce Springsteen, along with former first couple Barack and Michelle Obama. The trip, which was meant to be kept under wraps, was made public last week, and Hanks wasn’t afraid to share details of his experience.


The actor shared details of his experience biking through French Polynesia, as well as some of the conversations he had with his world-famous companions. Hanks jokingly stated that he couldn’t share all the details from the trip because ‘they were classified.’


The Oscar winner also shared details about his brother, Larry Hanks, who is a renowned entomologist who taught at the University of California Riverside. Hanks and his wife bumped into a group of students on a recent trip to Joshua Tree National Park, and they were well aware of his academic brother, which surprised the famous actor.


Finally, Hanks shared his practice of buying an espresso maker for the White House Press Corp, along with the story of how the tradition came about. The actor has purchased a machine for every press corp since 2004.

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