Tina Fey Tangles with Letterman on His Show

David Letterman was one of the reigning kings of late-night TV for several years, clocking over 6,000 hours during his varied hosting gigs. However, 51 percent of the population was not represented on his writing staff. And, during a recent appearance on his Netflix show, comedienne and trailblazer Tina Fey was not afraid to call him to task. When Letterman said that he didn’t know why there weren’t female writers on his staff and stated that there was no policy against writers who were women, Fey wasn’t reticent to speak out about the injustice.


Letterman referred to his program as a “dog and pony” show, insinuating that women wouldn’t want to write on it, but Fey interjected that they most certainly would have. In the end, Letterman admitted to his ignorance and said that he hoped this would change in the future. In the wake of Fey’s appearance on the show, however, many people in the comedy community have spoken out about Letterman’s handling of the matter. It seems likely that Letterman’s own conduct may have been part of the problem. During an infamous episode of his late-night show, he had indeed copped to having affairs with women on his staff. But in the age of Netflix, he seems to have reinvented himself, pulling in many of the people who were reluctant to support him in the wake of the bombshell revelations on his show.

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