They Can’t Eat You by Marc Sparks

How does a man with only a high school degree (and a C+ grade average in school) go on to become a highly successful business entrepreneur with over 60 business startups to his credit? That’s the story told by business maverick and self made man Marc Sparks, in his book ÒThey CanÕt Eat You.

Sparks is one of those truly unique people who decided to go his own way and forge his success on his own terms, not society’s. One of the unique aspects of his story, however, is that it is not a repetitive story of great success after great success.

This book is not an ego trip. ItÕs the life story of a man who graduated from high school in Texas in 1973 and went on to start up an insurance company in his back bedroom. His company went on to wild success, but then he lost the entire thing.

He did recover and went on to create many more successful businesses, including, which he still manages today.

According to his page, the point of Marc Sparks’ story is that he learned from his failures as well as his successes. Part of his work strategy is that he believes in placing a high value on customer service, because happy customers are the key to keeping a business running.

He also believes in taking action (like having meetings immediately to solve problems, instead of waiting two days to set up a conference and check everyone’s schedule) and in being bold and listening to his gut.

If you want to learn about business from a successful man who’s faced down failure and met with incredible success, read They Can’t Eat You by Marc Sparks.

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