The Success of MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes

The life of Sergio Cortes is unlike many. Cortes has been able to create an amazing career for himself based upon his uncanny resemblance to the king of pop, Michael Jackson. This is a skill that has taken Cortes all around the world. If it weren’t for Cortes discovering this skill early on in his life it is easy to say that his life would be much different today. This impersonation has become a passion that Cortes has grown to love. He continues to perfect his impersonation skills and uplift many individuals in the process.

Cortes first learned about his likeness to Micahel Jackson when he was a teenager in high school. He was invited by professional photographers to pose for photos as Michael Jackson. Some of these photographers even sold these photographs as authentic Michael Jackson photos to newspapers and magazines. R7 Noticas reported that this is when Cortes knew he could do something professionally with this likeness to Michael Jackson. There are few individuals who are able to really move and dress as closely to Michael as Cortes can, and this is due to his amazing dedication of mastering that art of Michael Jackson impersonation.

In 2009, the world was saddened by the death of Michael Jackson. Cortes was very deeply impacted by this event, and he decided that fateful day that he would dedicate his life to continuing the legacy of Michael Jackson. Cortes has performed all over the world and been invited to perform on many different television programs. Cortes has now gained over 16,000 followers on his facebook page. This is something that has helped him to create a fan base and a growing demand for his live performances. The future looks very bright for Cortes as he continues to improve upon his likeness to Michael Jackson.

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