The Success of Lime Crime

Doe Deere has many titles and has many talents including the talent of starting her own business and expanding it with while keeping not only her interests to become successful, but also the people’s interests in mind while she continues to build her empire of makeup. Doe Deere is the founder of the successful business that is known as Lime Crime, a business that caters to both men as well as women with the goal of making sure that each individual that wears her brand feels beautiful and that each individual wears makeup for the right reasons. Doe Deere wants to make sure that individuals wear makeup to feel confident and beautiful rather than just wearing makeup to cover any blemishes. Doe Deere has built Lime Crime to take the people’s interests into account and to make sure that individuals wear makeup for themselves and not for others.


Lime Crime is a unique brand because it incorporates beautiful and bright colors into the everyday makeup routine. Doe Deere has made sure to create bold and bright colors for the lipstick, for the eye shadow, and even for the blush. As the name suggests, one of Doe Deere’s favorite colors to use is the color of lime due to the fact that she believes that it brings out the beautiful features in both men as well as in women. Doe Deere has continued to expand her business by making sure that the high quality products that she makes are just what the people want.


Doe Deere has an internet-based business model that she has expanded over the years in order to make sure that the people’s wishes are heard. Doe Deere has kept an internet-based company not only to make sure that her products are of the highest quality, but also to make sure that she remains humble even with her great success. Doe Deere has been awarded numerous awards for her success and is even regarded as one of the most successful women within the makeup industry, a truly competitive industry that is often hard to become a part of.

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