The Secrets of a Powerful Woman

Regardless of educational background, talent, and training, becoming a successful businesswoman depends on how well an entrepreneur can work with others. All businesses are heavily based on the skill of negotiating with people. This is what Susan P. McGalla, the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, learned when she started as retailer in 1994. As a teen, she knew how important it is to learn how to deal with other people to become a successful businesswoman. She was raised up in a family that taught her to be comfortable when dealing with men and women. This confidence she gained from her upbringing greatly influenced her success in the field of marketing, operational efficiencies, and talent management.

Confidence is important to win clients and establish a profitable business. Entrepreneurs who believe in themselves easily win the respect and trust of their peers. This will eventually result in having a solid reputation. Successful businesswomen are confident because they know their own capabilities and strengths. While most women underestimate their abilities, a confident businesswoman does not doubt herself. Instead, she always remembers that she is good at what she does. She should always portray confidence so that people believe she is capable. She understands that no one will buy her products or services if she does not first believe in them herself.

Successful female entrepreneurs are very passionate about what they chose to do. They know how to create a business using things that they enjoy. Since they pursue what they love, they find it easier to get motivated to work hard. An overflowing energy and excitement come out naturally in whatever they do. Success usually comes along when they dedicate their lives to something they love. This intense passion gets them through the ups and downs on the way to success.

One of the existing stereotypes about women is that they are totally weak and emotional compared to men. However, every successful businesswoman is assertive. They speak with authority and purpose which is why people respect them. When criticism comes their way, they rationally deal with it while keeping themselves calm and cool. Successful women entrepreneurs achieve success because they do not allow negative comments to pull them down. They never doubt their abilities and decisions.

Hard work and commitment are the secret to success. Every aspiring businesswoman needs to prepare herself for long hours of work in orders to build up a successful business. They should also stay away from negative distractions because they are committed to what they do. This path to success in the business world includes continuous effort and dedication.

Susan McGalla, who started as a retailer, believes that she has something valuable that she can share and it is something that the world needs. She has become one of the most highly respected consultants when she discovered her own passion and believed in it. With focus and determination, she turned her love for what she does into something that she is very proud of. Although the journey to success is sometimes tough, she always reminds herself that the rewards awaiting her will be worth the effort.

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