The Importance of Being a Giver for Business

If there is one thing that is important to know about business, it is that the business owner has to have a giving mindset. In other words, he has to have something to offer. One thing that running a business can be compared to is making a try on a rugby game. For one thing, if one person successfully makes a try on a rugby game, then he achieves financial freedom. There is the red team and the blue team, then there are the neutral players. It is the job of the team to sway the neutral team to join them.

This article mentions the common occurrence of running into people who are neutral who haven’t chosen a side yet. Often times, these are people who are n the path to success. The one thing that people often do to the neutral and undecided people is that they criticize them. This often comes as an instinctual and unconscious doing of many people. However, there are plenty of effects that this can cause. Among the effects criticism causes is resentment and a resistance to the way of thinking. The better thing to do is to take an interest in other people’s lives.

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