The FreedomPop Alternative To Heading To Hotspots

Connecting to the internet should not be much trouble in the current landscape of WiFi and hotspots. This is doubly true now that many commercial establishments provide free WiFi as a means of drawing people in and keeping them there. All of this is fine, but it is no substitute to maintaining access to a reliable mobile internet service.

In truth, internet hotspots are a huge help to those who wish to conduct business. Anyone who is on the road and traveling around finds pulling into a hotspot an easy way to log onto the internet and take care of personal or professional responsibilities. Whether with a laptop or a tablet, coffee shops, bookstores, and even laundry facilities provide an easy way to connect online. Even fast food restaurants provide a safe haven for the busy. As long as the venue is a quiet one, there shouldn’t be any trouble connecting to a WiFi signal.

While hotspots are fine, connecting with a mobile device anywhere and everywhere network coverage is permitted is a bit better. The coverage area could include several countries. Basically, that means the subscriber is able to connect to the internet without having to go to a specific location where free WiFi is offered. So, why would anyone not want to take advantage of a mobile internet service? The answer is, not surprisingly, cost.

Mobile data plans are expensive and this is what keeps people from signing up with a provider. Then, along came FreedomPop and all this is about to change. With over $30 million in capital raised to expand business operations, FreedomPop is primed to make an even bigger splash than before.

FreedomPop is an enterprising company based out of Los Angeles. The mobile-startup company provides a set amount of free data per month for internet, text, and phone minutes. The company makes money through selling phones and any service beyond what is provided for free. For many, FreedomPop on recode offers a good deal. A lot of gas money ends up being saved on not having to travel to a hotspot when no other cheap internet service is available. Cutting costs is always a good thing no matter how this is done.

Hotspots really are valuable and helpful. Millions of people use them thanks to the convenience and benefits they provide. Nothing, however, is better than having your own internet access. Even better than internet access is being able to connect to free internet service.

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