The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Ruled That NSA Can Resume Collecting Phone Data

The NSA Spy Program Stopped When Section 215 Of The Patriot Act Expired

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court ruled that it was okay for NSA to temporarily collect data from Americans until a new system is in place. The new system will place the phone records in the hands of phone companies, but NSA could access those records if they needed them. The new system is a better system for NSA. They don’t have to bulk collect data when the new system is in place. All they have to do is subpoena it from the phone companies.

Collecting phone data hasn’t help reduce terrorism, but it has made a lot of new enemies, and some of them are law abiding citizens. NSA has made a lot of new enemies around the world in the last few years. The agency is not in the friend-making business, so no one really cares if NSA cares about people.

NSA’s mission is to find the bad guys and protect the country says Handy in this article. The agency breaks laws to protect the country, but at times, it’s not apparent who the agency really protects. But one thing is sure. The agency always protects itself.

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