The Education and Career of Andrew Rocklage

If you are looking for information about Andrew Rocklage, a businessman, entrepreneur and attorney from the Boston area, you’ve come to the right place. This article provides an overview of Rocklage’s educational background as well as his work experience. Although the Boston native started out in the sports management field, he now owns indoor trampoline parks in Florida. Given this information, you would probably assume that he is at least middle-aged. However, he is still a very young man. Rocklage has accomplished a great deal in his short life, and it will be interesting to see what he does in the future.


First, it’s important to note that Andrew Rocklage did very well in school as a child and teenager. In addition to taking advanced classes and excelling in his studies, he was active in many extracurricular activities. More than anything, Rocklage loved being involved in sports. He loved following his favorite local sports teams, but he especially loved playing sports himself. Thanks to his passion for sports, Rocklage has always led an active lifestyle, and he has managed to stay fit and healthy without too much trouble. This interest in sports also prompted him to look into the field of sports management as a career.


Early in his life, Andrew Rocklage figured that he would be happiest working in the sports industry. He never had any intentions of playing professionally; he was just fascinated by the industry and by how it works behind the scenes. For this reason, he applied to the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He earned a bachelor’s degree in sports management with a minor in economics in 2009. From all appearances, it looked like he was ready to embark on a successful career in sports management.


After completing an internship with Major League Lacrosse in public relations, Andrew Rocklage realized that this line of work may not be quite what he wanted after all. Rather than plunging into the business world at that point, then, he decided to return to school to earn his law degree. Friends and family weren’t surprised; he had always been a go-getter, and he was never one to sit back and skate by in life. He was accepted to the prestigious Suffolk University Law School, where he graduated with a Juris Doctor degree in 2013. After passing the bar, he officially became an attorney.


Like most people fresh out of law school, Andrew Rocklage took on a few entry-level positions to get the ball rolling, including as a legal consultant and as a law clerk. Eventually, he was hired by EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals as its corporate counsel. The work was right up his alley, and he enjoyed it in many ways. However, he knew plenty of people who owned their own businesses, and he envied the freedom and possibilities that they enjoyed. He was already tired of working for other people, and he had earned and saved enough money to try to strike out on his own.


Rocklage knew better than to try to come up with some unique business idea. Although he had a lot of experience working with startups thanks to his career in law, he didn’t want to saddle himself with that kind of burden. He had seen for himself how unreliable it often is to start a new business from scratch. Instead, he decided to look for opportunities to buy and run an existing business. He knew that owning a franchise of some kind might be the way to go, but he didn’t want to own a fast food restaurant.


Happily, Andrew Rocklage became aware of Sky Zone, a chain of popular indoor trampoline parks. He learned that the L.A.-based company operates completely off of a franchise model, so all of its locations are independently owned and operated. He knew already that there wouldn’t be any viable options in Boston, as the area was already home to a few Sky Zone locations. He started to investigate opportunities in other states, and that is how he learned about franchise opportunities in Florida. He found out that the company wanted to open a location in Daytona Beach. After researching the possibility, he decided to go for it.


It’s a good thing that Rocklage decided to because the Sky Zone that he now owns and operates in Daytona Beach has been very successful. Although it’s only been open since 2016, it already has a loyal base of customers, and it draws in new customers all the time. He loves running the trampoline park so much and has done so well with it that he bought a second location in Port St. Lucie, Florida, not too long ago. Even though he is still a young man, Andrew Rocklage has many accomplishments under his belt, and it will be interesting to see where life takes him next.


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