The Deeds of Susan McGalla – Why She is an Example to Many Women

Susan McGalla has become a figure to mirror to many businesswomen around the world.

She is the former president of a company named American Eagle Outfitters, but that isn’t even close to all the deeds that she was able to achieve during her career path.

Having born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Susan McGalla grew up studying businesses and preparing to be the women that she is today;

Before being the President of American Eagle Outfitters, Susan McGalla was the Chief Executive Officer of another firm, the Wet Seal, very renowned in the North America.

Being the scholar that she is, she is very related to the local University of Pittsburgh; there, she is used to be the trustee of the directors of the University.

For the professionals of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, Susan mcGalla is best known for being one of the directors of the group.

All successful career paths begin after a big session of studying and starts from a small role. The professional path of Susan McGalla began at a firm named Joseph Horne Company, where she learned a lot about businesses and how to do administration properly.

These skills in administrating businesses were going to be vital for her role in American Eagle Outfitters. She would be the President of the company, but the position that she acquired when she entered the group in 1986 required a big dedication from her part. Susan McGalla excelled in being a great administrator, which caused her superiors to escalate her through the positions of the firm.

While she was the President of American Eagle Outfitters, she also acquired the role of the CMO (Chief Merchandising Officer). In this position, she perfected her knowledge of sales and marketing and became one of the most influential experts in the sales department of the company.

Susan McGalla became the example for many women around the world as a sign that women can achieve high ranks and important jobs by being dedicated and studying extensively. Susan was always a great marketing scholar, but her skills were developed not only in the University but by being the best in her initial roles in her career path.

Although the businesswoman used to work in the American Eagle Outfitters, she left the company in 2009. She succeeded the previous chief executive officer of Wet Seal, the company she worked for in the past, in January of 2011.

Susan McGalla is now one of the leaders of Wet Seal.

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