The Daily Show Making Steady Progress

When Jon Stewart was the host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, it was the biggest thing around. Not only was it the most popular “fake news” program on television, but it was also arguably the most popular late-night TV show period. Network programs garnered higher ratings than the cable giant could manage, but nothing was given greater respect than The Daily Show.

That feeling and title took a major hit when Stewart departed, as expected. However, it seemed to take new host Trevor Noah much longer to get his bearings than people thought it would. Whether that was fair or not, many dubbed Noah a failure before he was even given a legitimate chance to fail.

The new version of The Daily Show was marked as a dud because it failed to capture the interest of those non-diehard fans. Though it was about the news, it wasn’t newsworthy. That, though, may be changing.

According to Broadway World, Noah’s show just put together a huge month of February, which has continued an upward trend of the show for quite some time. February was the biggest month in the show’s history with Noah behind the desk, doing a 1.5 rating and a 0.74 rating in the main demographic. According to the site’s data, The Daily Show was also huge among millennials, ranking as the highest-rated daily late-night talk show in that demographic.

We are still a far cry from the heights the show reached with Stewart, both in terms of ratings and word of mouth, but things are progressing in the right direction. Noah is finding his sea legs and his voice, and the audience is noticing.

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