The Capital Group Get a Taste of New Leadership

Timothy Armour is a successful business person based in Los Angeles. About a year ago, Timothy, often referred to as Tim, was elected as the chairman and chief executive officer of Capital Group. Tim took the leadership from Rothenberg, the former president, who died of a heart attack.

In the company, Timothy Armour serves as the chairman of the Capital Group Companies Management Committee. Besides, Timothy acts as an equity portfolio manager. Timothy takes pride of his achievements in investment field which are influenced by his long-term service particularly to the Capital Group Company.

Since establishment, the Capital Group Company has managed to win the trust of thousands of investors due to their open and promising ways of operations. Most investors refer to the company as the home of American Funds. Besides, the company is ranked as one of the world’s leading companies in the investment field. The company boasts of having the best employees who are passionate about achieving the dream of the company. Rothenberg, the former chairman, often said that working as a team and creating a healthy environment to his seniors played a significant role in influencing the success of the firm.

The Capital Group Companies is known to employ not only those who are qualified but also those who are talented in what they do. Timothy Armour graduated from Middlebury College with a bachelor’s degree in economics. Later on, Timothy acquired his BA in Political Science from Amherst College. On top of that, Tim obtained his MA in Political Science in Massachusetts and an MBA from the prestigious Harvard Business School. Tim Armour joined the Capital Group Companies as a participant in the Associates Program. Later on, Timothy became the equity analyst to the company. As an analyst, Timothy managed the global telecommunications as well as the U.S service companies.

Currently, being the chairman of Capital Group, Timothy is expected to work in collaboration with top company members such as Rob Lovelace, Phil de Toledo as well as other board members to oversee the company’s operations. Having served as the chief deputy for Jim Rothenberg, Tim is well placed to monitor the company’s success. Timothy Armour, a successful business person, is also the current executive president of the Jason Foundation for Education. Tim has been the foundation for more than fifteen years now. The Jason Foundation is a nonprofit organization which is committed to motivating middle school student’s interests in both mathematics and science.

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