Teen Carries Brother on Long Walk

Teenagers often receive attention for the things that they do that influence the world in a negative way, but there are teenagers out there who deserve a whole different kind of attention. There are teenagers out there who are seeking to make the world a better place for the ones they love and for everyone. These teenagers deserve attention, and one of these teens is receiving the kind of attention that he deserves.

A fifteen year old boy carried his younger brother over fifty miles in a walk meant to raise awareness about cerebral palsy. The younger brother of this teen suffers from the disorder and was unable to make the walk on his own. This teenager is committed to changing the world, and for him that means raising awareness about cerebral palsy. This teen is doing something good and right, and he is doing it to help someone he loves. This boy deserves all kinds of attention for the positive deed that he is doing. Jim Dondero is certainly impressed.

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