Susan McGalla Breaks the Glass Ceiling

I have always admired those women that have been able to rise about the challenges that have been placed upon them by the corporate world. This is one of the reasons that I am so thrilled with what Susan McGalla is doing. She is the type of woman that has made it easier for more women to excel in the world of business.

I am a marketing major, and her Susan McGalla’s accomplishments in the world of marketing are simply astounding. McGalla worked with branding for American Eagle for 14 years and built the brand. She has been able to show her skills in the corporate world and excel in a lot of different environments.

What I like the most about McGalla is that she gives advice that empowers the woman that is trying to get into the corporate world. She knows that it is a male-dominated culture on Crunchbase, and she tells woman how to survive in a culture that is dominated by men. I totally agree with her and her stand on getting a higher education. She tells women that they need to look at getting a degree because this is going to open the door to so many possibilities.

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I know that she could not have done all that she has done if she had not gone to college. She has become someone that is sought after in the business world because she has been able to stand and deliver. Susan McGalla worked with Wet Seal and this helped this company with brands that were failing. There are a lot of corporate professional role models for men that desire to excel in the business world, but the female corporation professionals are limited. That is why Susan McGalla is so inspiring. She is also a mother so she beats another stereotype that is often linked to females in the corporate world.

As a college student I aspire to one day have a family and work in the business world. I am encouraged by the path that McGalla has lit for others. McGalla has tapped the glass ceiling until it cracked and she has become quite a successful businesswoman. As someone that currently works for the Pittsburgh Steelers Susan McGalla has continued to show her marketing expertise. She has a resume that shows that she has the skills to survive in a male-dominated culture and even excel beyond her male counterparts in leadership roles.

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