Surprising Killer in U.S. Hospitals

There is a deadly killer in the United States. It does not kill as many Americans as heart disease or all cancers combined, the number one and two killers in this country respectively, but it is still alarming. This killer is medical errors. It is estimated that medical errors kill more people in our country than breast cancer, AIDS, plane crashes or drug overdoses combined. A study done in 2013 estimates that from 210,000 up to 440,000 patients had medical errors contribute to their death.

The only thing more horrifying than these stats themselves is the fact that there are not endless congressional inquiries and nightly news stories on YouTube or another outlet about this situation. If this many people were being killed in plane crashes every year, the airline industry would be shut down until radical changes were made to increase safety if you ask Sergio Cortes. This situation needs to be looked at and ended as soon as humanly possible. We talk about diseases being preventable by changing our diets or exercising more, but what’s the point of doing all of that if somebody gives us the wrong medication or procedure when we do eventually need medical care. Death through our own carelessness seems infinitely more forgivable than death caused by systemic carelessness in a health care system that needs to clean up its act.

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