Sunday Night is the New Primetime for The CW Network

2009 saw the end of The CW’s Sunday night programming, but it appears that nine years later it’s due for a resurrection. The network is expanding, with a 20% increase in their scheduled programming, and needs new slots for it all. Mark Pedowitz, president of The CW, feels like it’s a smart move despite competition from “The Walking Dead” on AMC and “Sunday Night Football” on NBC. This is because of the “counterprogramming” that The CW offers.

The CW has become known for airing cult shows such as the musical comedy “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and a slew of comic book adaptations including “Supergirl.” They are also jumping on the remake bandwagon. The CW’s new adaptations of “Roswell” and “Charmed” are slated to start filming this spring.

Pedowitz continued that the end goal is to “become more of a year-round player.” This has manifested itself through an increase in mid-season programming. He also revealed that some shows will continue their seasons into the summer. The network’s station affiliates are eager to cooperate with the planned expansion. Several deals have already come through.

The CW will go up against Fox in terms of programming hours. Fox air about 15 hours, although this includes reality TV and sports. By contrast, The CW plans to air about 12 hours. (However, a majority of those hours will be devoted to original, scripted content.)

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