Stephen P. Murray and Private Investor Equity Business

Steve P. Murray (Stephen Murray CCMP Capital) passed away in March of this year at the age of 52 years old; he was the former President and Chief Executive Officer of the company he owned-CCMP Capital. He had resigned from his position in February because of health reasons. He also worked as a philanthropist and as an Investor in Equity within his own company and specialized in growth and buyout of equity deals. Mr. Murray attended Boston College where he earned a Bachelor’s of Business degree in Economics. He then went on to attend Columbia Business School where he obtained his Master’s degree in Business Administration. Mr. Murray started out working in a training program for college graduates at the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation as an analyst for credit. After working there for a couple of years, he went to work for Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. It then became Chase Capital Partners in 1996. He then became an associate nine years later as they became a part of J.P. Morgan in charge of business buyout, who is one of the larger equity firms that were privately held.

Steve Morgan was one of the pioneers of his business; he joined the bank of J.P. Morgan and then continued to help grow that business into one of the biggest equity businesses in the private industry. In 2004 J.P. Morgan won the bid to buy Warner Chilcott, which was a drug company that several other companies wanted to buy. One of them was a very big client of J.P. Morgan called TPG Capital, when they threatened to pull their business from J.P. Morgan, Steve Murray and another man became partners and spun off into another company called CCMP Capital. A year later he was made CEO and built a new personality for the brand. The company raised more than three and a half billion in funding for them in 2007. He has served on the Board of Directors for many different large companies. He was also very active in charity work such the food bank in Fairfield County and the Make-A-Wish Foundation of New York, the food bank in Fairfield County.

Greg Brenneman who is the CCMP chairman that took over for Mr. Murray as president and CEO made a statement about his death and saying how much he will be missed and how they were all thankful for all of his contributions and what a great person he was and how talented he was. He was married to Tami Murray, together they had four sons.

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