Stephen Colbert Merges Viral Video and President Trump

“There is sort of a debate on the internet about this thing. Some people find it kind of comforting, others want to know if you can take out a restraining order against a cartoon,” warned Stephen Colbert as he introduced his new sensation taking the web by storm.


The stop-motion animation piece has become one of the top viral videos in recent times. The haunting musical score merges with the imperfect, shiny visage of a naked bald character speaking mechanically. As part of the Late Night Work Club’s Strangers presentation, many people are saying that it is one of the most troubling things imaginable.


Never backing down, Stephen Colbert presented a piece during his monolog stating, “Some people have said its the most disturbing cartoon they’ve ever seen. We here at ‘The Late Show’ took that as a challenge.”


Colbert presented his take substituting the folic-challenged creature with that of his recurring Donald Trump cartoon. The commander-in-chief is seen wearing a red thong with a play on his famous slogan “Make America Beautiful Again” and a tramp-stamp tattoo of “Putin.”


Situated in the same position as the viral video, he proceeds to repeat the original’s dialogue almost verbatim. That is until an animated version of the health care bill pops out from the ground. He talks about how hard it is to be president and blames the Freedom Caucus for holding up his reform. The video finishes with a shot of First Lady Melania Trump looking at her smartphone and stating she will not go to the White House this weekend.


Colbert, never one to shy away from controversy and always timely has hit a home run himself with this video. The parody itself has gone viral and is one of the top-searched spoofs being searched and passed around social media.


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, like most late night talk shows, has leveraged the Trump brand for continuing humor and satire since his presidential run and eventual election. This latest romp in sarcastic wit, like its inspiration, has been met with both visceral hatred and plenty of laughs for viewers.


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