Sienna and Jimmy Go for the Ramen Gold

When celebrities go on Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show, they know not to expect the normal boring questions. Fallon has demonstrated time and time again that he’s all about pushing boundaries—and putting his movie star guests on the hot seat. In this case, the hot seat happened to be tasty in addition to being hot. Jimmy challenged actress Sienna Miller to a ramen-eating competition for the ages.


Although Sienna’s delicate dress and ravishing red lipstick did not seem to be appropriate for such a crazy contest, she proved to be surprisingly game. After each noodle, the entertainers would take a quite shot of sake and then continue eating. Miller stated that it was the most “inelegant” thing she’d ever done, but the British-born movie star sure appeared to be having an excellent time. On the other hand, Fallon struggled at times, using his hands to jam the noodles into his mouth.


Although Jimmy Fallon triumphed in the end, he probably wasn’t expecting to receive so much competition from Miller. The two laughed about the game and then both stated that they’d gotten soup in their eyes during the contest. Incredibly, the interview became even more wild after this point. Jimmy brought up Miller’s unfulfilled dream of becoming a Rockette—and then the unbelievable happened. A group of Rockettes emerged from behind the curtain, and then Miller and Fallon closed out the interview by doing the sharp can-can kicks for which the Rockettes are so well-known.


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