Shea Butter, Natural Hair Conditioner and Strengthener


Shea butter is useful for your hair as well as your skin. It makes an amazing hair conditioner. There are many kinds of shea butter out there, a substance that is waxy yellow or ivory, depending on how refined it is. The best one for hair is unrefined organic shea butter. This product comes from an African tree, and has been used for hair for centuries.


Shea butter is good for both your scalp and hair. For your scalp, it moisturizes as well as protects from bacteria due to the number of vitamins there are in the shea butter. For your hair, it protects from both sun and heat, while preventing dry hair.


Shea butter can be combined with oils or honey or both for different purposes, as a moisturizer, detangler, curl cream, or scalp treatment. It’s a very versatile, extremely useful product for shiny, soft hair.


For purchase, companies offer different options for shea butter. One good choice is EuGenia Shea. They offer different concentrations of shea butter, with the lower concentrations already mixed with oils that are also helpful, as well as optional scents. The oils can make the shea butter easier to use, especially easier than mixing the butter and oils yourself.


Another reason EuGenia is a good source for shea butter is that they are a socially responsible company. They pay their workers a fair wage, and donate some of their profits back to their workers. Not only that, but it is a family run business by a family from Ghana, where they source their shea butter. It’s a great option to give back when getting a great hair care product.


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