Seth Meyers’ New Baby Born in His Apartment Lobby

Although Axel Strahl Meyers is only a few days old, he has already made a dramatic entrance into the world. Perhaps this is only fitting, as he is the son of Late Night with Seth Meyers frontman, Seth Meyers. Axel’s birth happened so quickly that Meyers and his wife did not have time to get to the hospital. Once they called an Uber, Meyers’ wife indicated to him that the baby was already crowning. Neighbors pitched in to help, putting towels in their dryers to bring down and keep the baby warm. The New York Police Department also lent a helping hand, cutting the baby’s umbilical cord.

Axel’s middle name honors Meyers’ wife’s grandparents, Holocaust survivors who met in the hospital the day after they were liberated. Understandably, Meyers became choked up when he discussed the birth on his show the day after the dramatic events, praising his wife and sharing photos from after the event. Meyers’ wife Alexi could be seen holding the baby close to her as emergency personnel provided her with an oxygen mask. Eventually, of course, the couple made it to the hospital to have Axel evaluated. A perfectly happy and healthy baby boy, he will always have a hilarious story about making his grand debut onto the world stage. Perhaps he will join show business like other members of his family!

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