Seth Meyers and His Family Link Up to Tell Old Stories

With some comedians, their talent comes out of thin air. With Seth Meyers, it is very obvious that he hails from a funny family. Recently, Seth’s parents and brother sat down to chat with him on his TV show. Somehow, the fantastic foursome got around to telling a tale about Josh’s pet rabbit from when he was little. Named Petey, the rabbit was a big part of Josh’s life. Unfortunately, one day, Petey was discovered in a state of “rigor mortis,” as the senior Mr. Meyers explained it, hilariously imitating the doomed rabbit’s position. However, it was what happened next that makes this a classic Meyers family story.

In fact, it turns out that everyone in the Meyers family is uncomfortable around dead things—everyone, that is, aside from Seth. The nine-year-old was promptly tasked with the responsibility of burying Petey. During a freezing cold New England winter day, he went outside and created a funeral for the pet. Not only did he put down a headstone for her to soothe his grieving brother, but he also informed the family that the rabbit’s body had been placed in an area that would not be walked over by others. However, as he revealed on his show, there were certain inaccuracies about the rabbit funeral that would only come to light during a family dinner just a few years ago.

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