Scott’s Getaway With Chloe Bartoli

Chloe Baroli is a celebrity stylist, and apparently she is also Scott Disick’s ex girlfriend and newest lady friend so far. Last week news hit that Scott and Kourtney are on the outs, rumors that Scott spent 4 days in a hotel room with a 21-year-old woman getting drunk and cheating have been all over social media and they couple has not been together since. Kourtney is already juggling their three small children alone, the thought of her trying to keep track of Scott as he takes every moment he can to party and throw tantrums seems like a bit too much. Now Kourtney is done and there have even been talks of her attempting to get full custody of the kids and leave Scott once and for all.

As if he could care less about Kourtney’s feelings, Skout has been spotting on Monte Carlo with his old flame Chloe Bartoli enjoying some fun. They don’t seem be be worried at all about what their vacation photos are doing to Kourtney, or how bad Scott looks being the father of three children.

Kourtney is stronger than most women and is doing her best to remain calm, but everyone has a breaking point. Even while Kourt is keeping her game face on, one can only imagine what she is going through internally. Scott’s selfish behavior just keeps getting worse, and it is beginning to look like he is going to just keep getting worse until he is finally alone. Kourtney and her family are done babying Scott, and now his next move need to be his best move.

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