Sarah Silverman Sounds off on Late-Night Show

For Sarah Silverman, comedy is all about engaging with others. Although she is most definitely a liberal in her personal life, she is also a seasoned comedian who is accustomed to dealing with people from all walks of life. As someone who has endured the heckles of audience members since she was just a teenager, Silverman is comfortable with talking to people who possess opinions with which she vehemently disagrees. For this reason, it seemed apt that she would use this rare skill on our latest show—and she does.


“I Love You America” is a Hulu series that shows Silverman in a variety of situations that one might think would make her uncomfortable. From sitting down with a family of Trump supporters in Louisiana, to hanging out with Texan firefighters, Silverman shows her diplomatic side in this show. Restraining herself from making some of the more obvious jokes she could have attempted, Silverman made a serious attempt to find out more about these people and their lives. Perhaps this is why the show was well reviewed, and perhaps this is why it received a second season order from Hulu. However, Silverman doesn’t plan to sit on her laurels, planning to reconfigure the show and make it even more appealing to audience members. Citing the example of Mr. Rogers as one of her heroes, Silverman is interested in the art of breaking down barriers through her art.

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