Solo capital is a UK based financial investment company. This company specializes in proprietary trading, consulting and sports investment. The company was incorporated in the year 2011 and is also known as Solo Capital UK. Since its incorporation, the company has made a big improvement and is now considered a big finance investment business. In the year ending 2015, Solo Capital was estimated to worth 16 million Euros. Its assets amounted 67 million Euros and the cash flow recorded by the company that year was 30 million Euros. The company works as Solo Capital Partners. The partnering is what has given the company the observable success. The other important factors in Solo Capital Investment Company are the strong leadership. The leader of this partnership, Sanjay Shah has been in the financial investment industry for a considerable amount of time thus having all the skills needed for a successful endeavor.
Solo Capital Partners is controlled by Solo Group a holding which is headed by Shah. He is the CEO and at the same time, the owner of AESA company which is in full ownership of Solo Group Holdings. Shah is also the owner of the British Virgin Islands and The Cayman Islands which are all investment finance companies. He took over Old Park in 2014. This is another financial institution which only operates in invitation-only stock broking focusing on natural resources. Shah had a net worth of $280 by the beginning of 2016 whereby he resorted to retire from leading the companies.
Global Citizen magazine interviewed Shah and found out that financial investment was not his intended career. He had opted to be a doctor and went to college to study medicine. The financial investment industry had been so far from his mind then. After finishing medicine, Shah found out that he could be a doctor. He then took his attentions out of medicine and sought employment in financial institutions. He worked in this industry as an employee in many banks until 2009. This was the year when the economic crisis was experienced worldwide. This economic crisis affected the companies that he was working for which saw him made redundant. He, therefore, found unnecessary to look for another job and went on to manage his company. Solo Capital UK was then born and from that time, it started building its fortune to what is seen at the moment.
Shah is also the founder of Autism Rocks. This is an organization that runs concerts with the core intention of raising funds and awareness on autism. Shah had been giving out donations in India to help children but has not thought of running something like a domain to create awareness on autism. It was his son’s diagnosis that brought the idea to his head.

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