Ricardo Guimares the Best for BMG

For some, leadership is acquired while for some, it is inborn. Ricardo Guimares falls in the category of the latter. Ricardo’s financial prowess is unparalleled. This Brazillian born business icon has experience in finance and management that spans for over three decades. Ricardo currently wears two hats both as the president and chief executive officer of Banco BMG, a privately owned Brazillian Bank. Ricardo’s financial career has been rising and rising dating way back to the 1980s. Guimares’ success has a history too as he comes from a wealthy family in Brazil. BMG started as Land Credit Bank and was started by Guimares’ grandfather. This lending facility offered loans to farmers in the 20th century. Ricardo’s meteoric rise began when he decided to follow the family path and studied finance and management in college. It is in 2004 that Ricardo was appointed as the CEO of Banco, having served as chief finance officer and later the vice president of the company.


It is not in doubt that for a business to grow to the scales of BMG it requires more than just academic knowledge. Guimares has a gift. It takes more than just a gift for a bank like BMG to be one of the leading commercial banks in Brazil. Ricardo has what it takes to grow an organization from zero to an economic giant. We are talking about a bank with over three thousand branches and over five thousand agents in BMG. This can only be equated to a situation waiting to happen. The bank won’t just stop growing. With Guimares at the helm, one can only bet of an organization that will grow and grow. Talking of the position in the market, no bank is a match. BMG has grown its client base to sixty percent under the leadership of Ricardo. This has made other banks look as if they are just spectators as opposed to players in the Brazilian market. BMG is just dominant by right.


The citizens of Brazil can only thank their God for the gift of Guimares. Even with the good performance of BMG, Ricardo says that he is not even at half of his ability. He promises of more to come as he believes that the Brazilian banking industry is yet to be exploited. Ricardo also believes that personal loans can even become more affordable. It is an understatement to conclude that Guimares has the best interest for Brazilians at heart which is a rare combination for someone who is also a corporate mogul. BMG is the bank in Brazil that every other bank has to be on the watch out. With Ricardo still at the helm, other banks’ CEOs have no option but to up their game to compete for clients.

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