Reasons To Sell Your Home With

It can be quite pricey to sell your home. Typically, realtors charge a commissioned fee of 6 percent. However, it is possible to pay less than that! The 990 Company charges a mere 990 dollars for many home sales! Additionally, this fee gets you the full services of a realtor.

The 990 Company offers a full range of services. A skilled real estate agent is actively trying to sell your home. Your house will be listed on The 990 Company’s website. This website receives a great deal of traffic, many of whom are serious buyers. Furthermore, the final sale price of the home is not lower than it is through other realtors. In fact, The 990 Company is known for being able to sell homes for high prices!

If you decide to do business with The 990 Company, you can rest assured that the business was started by a man with a great deal of real estate experience. Greg Hague first got his real estate license at 18. So, he is no stranger to selling homes. He also has a law degree and license to practice law, so he has a very high degree of knowledge of matters related to real estate law.

Greg Hague first used the business model that is used in his current company which has the 990 sells homes program during the 1980s. He founded WHYUSA, which charged a fixed fee of 990 dollars. This attracted a large number of clients, and he was able to make a large amount of sales. By doing this, he was really going against the grain of the real estate business. Due to his success using a different business plan, he got a lot of attention. As time went on, he began to capitalize on this attention. He ultimately created the large enterprise of The 990 Company. This company is known as very successful in selling homes at a low rate.

Choosing to do business with The 990 Company is a smart move. It is good for your wallet in the immediate term with it’s fee of only 990 dollars. In addition, it is likely to be good for the final sale price of your home. Your home also has an excellent chance of selling using this company.

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