Real Estate Visionary Kevin Seawright Leads Baltimore Urban Renewal

In a recently released report, RPS Solutions LLC continues its expansion into the Baltimore real estate market, providing affordable residential homes for first-time home buyers. Established by Kevin Seawright in 2015, RPS Solutions LLC seeks to bring about balance and affordability for buyers who may otherwise have difficulty purchasing a home in Baltimore, Maryland.

Kevin Seawright believes Baltimore has tremendous potential for homeowners, RPS Solutions LLC, and Kevin Seawright are out to raise the current city home-ownership rate of 48.3%, bringing about changes that enhance the lifestyle and livelihood of existing and new Baltimore residents. Seawright commenting on the vision of RPS Solutions LLC, “It is rewarding to see more stability fill Baltimore city neighborhoods like Belvedere Square, with each new home in the City of Baltimore and surrounding counties we get one step closer to achieving our goal to raise the city’s current home-ownership rate.”

The thought is that if home ownership percentages increase, it brings about economic benefits, reduced crime rates, ethnic diversity and increased real estate values. RPS Solutions LLC provides essential real estate services to individuals by bringing together buyers and mortgage lenders, coordinating all assets as well as overseeing all new construction and renovation projects in underdeveloped sectors of Baltimore. Kevin Seawright is at the helm of the City of Baltimore’s urban renewal and thinks the appropriate way to accomplish that is through ambitious residential redevelopment.

Real estate visionary Kevin Seawright oversees the operations of RPS Solutions LLC, which offers diverse real estate and property management services such as, redevelopment, asset management and sales and acquisitions. Kevin’s years of experience in the private and public sectors, as a Chief Financial and Facilities Officer, Financial Operations Administrator and Fiscal Manager which has contributed to his success and respect from industry peers.

Kevin is has won numerous awards and distinctions acknowledging his commitment, responsiveness, and dedication in the financial and realty sectors. Met Life presented Kevin the 2010 “Bridges to the Future” award, which recognizes individuals for their contemporary innovation, ingenuity, and creativity.

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