Reaction to Jimmy Fallon Hosting Golden Globes Is Mixed

Jimmy Fallon has a reputation for being one of the nicest guys in show business. “The Tonight Show” has been known as a place that stars can go when they want to avoid the tough questions. That tradition was started by Jay Leno and it has continued with Fallon. Being a nice guy and conducting softball interviews might work for Fallon in late night. However, people are much more demanding when it comes to the people chosen to host prestigious awards shows. Ricky Gervais gained legions of fans from the occasions he hosted the Golden Globes. He pulled no punches and brutally roasted many celebrities in the audience. Fallon is not that type of guy and he never will be.


Jimmy Fallon’s hosting performance at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards is receiving very mixed reviews. Some people are praising his positivity. However, there are just as many people criticizing him for not being edgy and failing to go after Donald Trump to any great degree. Fallon was someone who NBC wanted to give a shot to because it allows them to promote the star of their late night lineup. It remains to be seen if Fallon will receive any more hosting gigs of this magnitude. Some people in the media joked that the phone of Ricky Gervais must be ringing off the hook because of Fallon’s poor showing.


It wouldn’t be surprising if Fallon gets another shot to host a big awards show. It might not be the Golden Globes. However, people in Hollywood genuinely like him and he is not threatening. Those qualities should definitely count for something. Overall, Fallon made the most of his abilities. He was not helped by a teleprompter that broke down when he was reading from it. Critics believe that he should have used jokes with more bite.




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